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An eyelash lift leaves your lashes curled, smooth and shiny and creates volume and fullness. People that have thin or straight lashes benefit from this treatment. 

Lash Lifting at sugar coated

Eyelash lifting is like a perm for your lashes. The results are not permanent but do last for about 6 weeks. This treatment helps make the eyes and lashes look more open and defined.
The lash lift treatment gives the illusion of more hair making the eyes pop.


- Come to your appointment with clean skin and lashes
- Avoid getting the face wet for 24-48 hours.
- Avoid eye makeup hot showers, excessive sweating 24-48 hours for best results
- Enjoy

Here are the steps to the lash lifting treatment:
1. The esthetician applies cream to your lashes that will lift the hair up silicone
flexible curling rod.
2. The esthetician brushes your lashes upward on the rod until they are in the
desired shape.
3. A neutralizer cream is applied to set the perm in place.
4. Nourishing oil is applied to dryness from the treatment.
5. Tint may also be added to the treatment to enhance the look of your lashes.

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