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Aftercare Products

Aftercare is an important part of the smooth skin process of sugaring. With every sugaring service your hair will become more fine, meaning you need to make sure you are getting rid of the dead skin build up and minimizing your chances of ingrowns. Make sure you follow up with our gentle, all natural sugar polish and soothing daily dew spray to ensure you get that glowing skin you're looking for!


Sugar Polish

Our Sugar Polish is made with all organic ingredients to ensure that your skin is only getting the best. It contains lavender oil, lime essential oil and tea tree to soothe inflammation, lighten darks spots and carries antibacterial properties. This is a very lightweight scrub which makes it not only perfect for the whole body, but also for gentle areas. 

Daily Dew

The Daily Dew mist is filled with organic oils to help tone, soothe, and hydrate the skin. With key ingredients being rose hip essential oil, lavender oil and rose water this baby will give your skin a healthy dose of vitamin A & C which has antiaging properties and treats dark spots all while hydrating and soothing your skin. It is so versatile! Use it post brazilian or refresh your face throughout the day with a quick mist.

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