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Lash Tinting

Lash tinting makes it possible to wake up with effortlessly, long, dark eyelashes every morning. Skip the mascara, which is full of chemicals and can leave clumpy messes in the lashes and get a lash tint. Lash tinting is a semi-permanent cosmetic option available to help those with thin light lashes and beautiful long lashes.

What is lash tinting?

Lash tinting is a beauty process offering a semi-permanent solution to more long, fuller-looking eyelashes. A colored dye best suited for the person's skin and hair color is applied directly to the lashes. Those with light-colored eyelashes or very fine lashes can benefit more from a lash tint than those with darker or fuller lashes. Many have lash tinting along with an eyebrow tint or lash extensions. 

How long does eyelash tint last?

Eyelash tinting lasts approximately one month. Since the dye is semi-permanent, the eyelashes show a slow fading in color over time. The length of time the color lasts depends on how well they are taken care of after the tinting session. Additionally, excessive sun exposure can fade eyelashes sooner than later. It is possible to enhance the results of an eyelash tint by combining it with a lash extension. Results from this combo treatment can last up to eight weeks long. 

Does lash tint ruin lashes?

The carefully crafted dyes used for the last tinting are designed to be extra pleasant. Additionally, the technicians who perform the technique are highly qualified and go through careful and extensive training. Therefore, the process should not hurt or damage the eyelashes or surrounding skin tissue. However, there is always a risk of an allergic reaction, so if this is the first last tint session, ask the technician to conduct a patch test. Signs of an allergic reaction, includes puffy, itchy skin. If any of these

occur seek immediate medical assistance. 

How to care for tinted lashes

It is vital to keep the lashes dry for up to two days following the dye treatment. Therefore, it is imperative not to wash the face or apply makeup during the first few days following treatment. When it is time to clean the face, use a mild soap product to prevent eye irritation. Additionally, avoid using oils or oil-based cleaners near the eyelashes. These products can strip the dye, decreasing the treatment's length of time. 

The esthetician may provide a specifically made serum to help keep the eyelashes hydrated and help extend the life of the tinting. Finally, limit the amount of contact water has with the eyelashes. 

What are the benefits to lash tinting? 

Beauty enhancements and treatments provide clients with many benefits. For example, some of the most common benefits experienced when getting eyelash tinting includes darker, fuller, and more defined eyelashes, a safe alternative to mascara, safe for sensitive eyes, and requires minimal aftercare. Additionally, the procedure is quick and easy when compared to the ongoing daily upkeep using mascara. 

Can lash tinting be removed?


If desired, lash tinting can be removed. The principle way to get rid of the tinting is to use a specially formulated lash tint removal product. This product is designed with bleach to remove the colors from the lashes. In addition, applying an oil-based product could assist in fading the dye faster than expected. Those wanting to remove their lash tint should speak with their esthetician to discuss safe options to

remove the dye. 

Why would someone get their lashes tinted? 

With the world being more virtual, including social media photo posts, vodcasts, shows, and video conferences, many look for ways to enhance their natural beauty. Having tinted lashes means the appearance of fuller, longer lashes. In addition, lash tinting is a semi-permanent solution to falsies and makes a face Instagram-ready at all times. 

Lash tinting near me

Those wanting to try lash tinting should look into a service near them to learn between getting their lashes tinted professionally versus at home. The beauty technician can provide information, such as cost, aftercare, and what is involved in the tinting process. When searching for a lash tinting beauty service, ensure to check for licensing, experience, and qualifications before booking the appointment.


A lash tinting treatment can help give the eyelashes a fuller, thicker appearance. Several clients have multiple treatments for their eyelashes and eyebrows, creating a complete look. Call today to schedule an appointment with an esthetician to learn more about lash tinting and how it can improve eyelashes' overall look and appearance.

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