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OC Sugaring

Hair removal is like desserts. Everyone has a favorite. Estheticians offer various ways to remove unwanted hair, and it is typically up to the client to choose the method used on them. While shaving does not provide long results, hair removal techniques include waxing, threading, and sugaring. Sugar Coated offers clients a procedure with minimal side effects and long-lasting results. 

What is OC Sugaring? 

Thousands of years ago, Egyptians used sugaring as an ideal way to remove hair. Instead, they developed a natural past using lemon, water, and sugar to create a paste. The paste removes hair and gives the skin a gentle exfoliation, leaving the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. This 100 percent all-natural paste removes the hair from the root and does not require strips or sticks like waxing does. 

Since OC sugaring is all-natural and environmentally friendly, it has quickly become a preferred hair removal method. 

What Are the Benefits of OC Sugaring? 

Clients undergoing sugaring treatments experience smoother, hair-free skin. The hair that grows back is finer and softer. Since the process removes the hair at the root, destroying the hair follicle, many experiences less hair regrowth after only a few treatments. 

How Does Sugaring Work?


Sugaring is a simple treatment that can be completed during lunch or before and after work. The process involves cleaning the treatment area and applying powder to the skin. The powder provides a barrier between the skin and the paste. Then the sugar paste is molded while still slightly warm and applied to the skin against the hair growth. Then paste get flicked off in the direction of hair growth. 

Appointments typically last 15 to 45 minutes. However, depending upon the size of the treatment area, it may take a bit longer. 

What Body Parts Can Be Sugared? 

Sugaring is a delicate process, delicate enough to be used on any body part. Common areas clients use the sugaring process include underarms, bikini/Brazilian, legs, back, face, hands, and arms. 

Is OC Sugaring Less Painful than Waxing?


Sugaring is not a pain-free hair removal process; however, many clients find it less painful than waxing. Since sugaring does not stick to the skin, it is less painful and creates minor irritation. The determination of how painful the process is depends upon a person's level of pain tolerance. 

What is the Aftercare of Sugaring Like? 

Sugaring is a straightforward process but does require some aftercare. When sugaring the bikini area, it is essential to let it breathe by wearing comfortable, loose clothing. Resist the urge to touch, which can cause irritation of the skin tissue. Additionally, it is best to avoid working out sitting in a tub, sauna or Jacuzzi, or anything involving high heat for at least 24 hours. 

After 24 hours, it is essential to maintain a smooth skin appearance by keeping the skin hydrated. Drink plenty of water and gently exfoliate the treated area. 

How Long Do Sugaring Results Last?


Typically, sugaring results last three to five weeks, depending on the treatment area. However, the time between maintenance treatments may get longer after more sugaring treatments are conducted. Therefore, to help ensure the smoothest results, it is best to schedule appointments no longer than four to six weeks apart. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are similar side effects to waxing, but they are not as severe. Typical side effects include temporary redness. For most, side effects clear up on their own within a few hours after treatment. 

Those considering experiencing OC sugaring for their hair removal needs should call Sugar Coated to learn more about treatment. Then, schedule an appointment with esthetician to experience the service they will walk you through the process and explain after care and maintenance.

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