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Spray Tan Brea

Those looking for a fresh, smooth-looking tan but who do not have time to spend all day at the beach or sitting poolside may want to consider getting a spray tan at Sugar Coated Brea. Having tan skin provides a healthy glow that leaves clients feeling confident. Additionally, a spray tan is also more beneficial for the body than exposing the skin to harmful UV rays from the sun for extended periods. 

Basics of Spray Tanning

Essentially, spray tanning is a form of self-tanning, or sunless tanning, applied to the body using a fine mist. Spray tan Brea is entirely safe for the skin and typically lasts for five to seven days. The results are smooth and even, offering a sun-kissed look without the exposure to the sun. Next, an experienced esthetician will apply the tanning solution using a handheld spray gun.

Benefits of Spray Tanning

There are significant differences compared to other self-tanning products, such as lotions, gels, mousses, and creams. Though all products include the same active ingredient, DHA, results vary. Getting a spray tan at Sugar Coated Brea means visiting a salon and having the entire body sprayed with a fine mist. The treatment is easy, less time-consuming, and provides a natural even application. Additionally,

spray tanning dries faster than most other treatments, ultimately meaning you will not leave feeling sticky.

How Much Does Spray Tanning Cost? 

Spray tanning service costs vary depending on the solution we use. Our price range is between $45 and $55 per treatment at a salon. We have tanning memberships available and happy hour tanning promotions offering spray tans at a discounted rate.

Preparing for a Spray Tan Session

When scheduling your spray tanning appointment, you may be given a list of things to do and things not to do before your appointment. These tips help ensure you get a beautiful and even tan. Make sure to shave or sugar before the appointment. Additionally, exfoliate the skin to remove as many dead skin cells as possible. Do not use any moisturizers, makeup, or deodorant before the appointment. Wear or

bring loose dark clothing and sandals to wear after the tan.

What is DHA? 

DHA, dihydroxyacetone, is an FBA-approved chemical for cosmetic use that is non-toxic and non- carcinogenic. It is the active ingredient in most self-tanners, including those used in salons for spray tan treatments. The chemical is obtained from plant sources, such as sugarcane or sugar beets, that react to the amino acids on top of the skin. The DHA browns the skin and typically lasts for about five to ten


Enjoy the many benefits of sun-kissed skin without the exposure to harmful UV rays by getting a spray tan at Sugar Coated Brea. Call to schedule an appointment and get your skin ready for your next big event or to have a beautiful glow. If there are any questions or concerns about the spray tanning treatment, do not hesitate to speak with one of the estheticians at the spa.

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