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Sugar Coated

Sugaring is a natural skincare option more people turn to improve their skins appearance and overall skin health. Sugar Coated offers exceptional waxing experiences from our experienced estheticians. At Sugar Coated we strive to make all clients feel comfortable and relaxed. With sugaring and all services clients can have confidence in knowing they receive the highest quality results.

What is Sugaring? 

Sugar coated waxing, also known as sugaring, is an organic hair removal service offering clients hair free and smooth skin for weeks after treatment. Additionally, this type of hair removal helps reduce the amount of hair regrowth, and hair regrows finer after every treatment. A combination of natural ingredients - sugar, lemon, and water - removes the hair in the direction of growth, leaving fewer ingrown hairs. Sugar Coated’s treatments are perfect for all skin types and often requested by people with sensitive skin. 

Preparing for a Sugar Coated Treatments

Preparing for a sugaring treatment helps ensure optimal and longer-lasting results. Things to do before

sugaring include: 

 Do not shave before treatment

 Let the hair grow to about ¼ of an inch long

 Thoroughly clean and exfoliate skin before treatment

 Avoid using lotions or oils on the day of service

What to Do After Sugaring

After sugaring, it is best to avoid tight clothing or any activity that may cause friction in the treatment area. Additionally, it is highly recommended not to apply any products, such as lotions, oils, or cleansers, to the treatment area for the first 24 hours after service. 

What Parts of the Body Can Have Sugar Coated Treatments? 

Sugar coated treatments are all-natural and safe for any part of the body. Sugaring can remove hair from legs, arms, bikini area, underarms, legs, backs, or any location on the body with unwanted hair. Benefits of sugaring hair removal treatment helps both men and women; however, it is not recommended for men’s facial hair, which can be too rough, thick, and coarse. 

What Are the Benefits of Sugar Coated? 

Clients who receive sugaring treatments are less likely to have ingrown hairs, and the hair grows slower and softer. In addition, having continued to follow up sugaring treatments reduces hair growth, meaning clients eventually are less pestered by unwanted hair. 

Is Sugaring Painful? 

Pain tolerance levels differ from person to person; however, most clients report sugaring is less painful than waxing. Sugaring is not pain-free, like shaving, but is much more tolerable than other hair removal methods. 

Sugaring Side Effects

As with any cosmetic or spa procedure, the side effects experienced from sugaring vary from person to person. Some experience temporary redness lasting about an hour after the treatment. The all-natural ingredients reduce the chances of having any type of adverse reaction.

Sugaring Frequency

To maintain smooth, silky skin, it is best to go for follow-up treatment approximately every 4 weeks. The frequency recommended for Sugar Coated treatments varies on hair type and thickness. For most, this timeframe between appointments works. Eventually, with more treatments, the less frequently it must be done. 

Those looking for smoother, silkier skin consider having a Sugar Coated hair removal treatment. Sugaring offers a safe, all-natural alternative to waxing and has quickly become a popular treatment option for hair removal clients. Call to schedule an appointment today and learn how Sugar Coated can help with your hair removal and skincare needs.

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