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Sugar Coated Wax

Sugar coated is a natural vegan sugar wax created using sugar, water and lemon. The exclusive formulation does not contain additives, or resins, making it possible to provide a smooth, gentle application and excellent results. In addition, Sugar Coated’s wax is safe enough to use on all areas of the body, leaving you with smooth skin and feeling refreshed. 

What is Sugar Waxing? 

Sugaring is a hair removal process dating back thousands of years, being passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Traditionally, sugaring was used for hygiene purposes and was developed to be safe for all areas of the body. Modern-day sugaring is a twist on this ancient art of hair removal, offering easy application and an optimal blend of ingredients for pain-free hair removal. 

Why Use Sugar Coated Wax? 

Sugar coated wax is a 100 percent natural, cruelty-free, vegan treatment. The treatment uses a mess- free and gentler mixture than traditional waxing components. As a result, sugaring does not damage the skin, prevents ingrown hairs, and is suitable for all parts of the body, all skin types, and hair types. 

Does Sugaring Cause In-Grown Hairs?

There is a greater risk of having ingrown hairs from most hair removal systems. Sugar Coated’s wax reduces the risk of ingrown hairs because it is removed in the direction the hair grows in. However, other treatments go against the natural hair growth, which can break the hair leading to ingrown hairs. 

Preparing for a Sugar Coated Waxing Appointment

The hair needs to grow out before a sugar coated waxing appointment. Avoid shaving in the days leading up to the appointment so the hair can grow about ¼ inch in length. If it is shorter, the appointment will need to be rescheduled; however, if it is longer, the esthetician will trim the excess hair before applying the Sugar Coated wax. 

A few days before the appointment, lightly exfoliate the treatment area with a buffing mitt or washcloth. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells out of the way and prevent some stay hairs from being missed by the wax. Do not apply any lotions or oil before the appointment. Wearing loose comfortable clothing will help prevent irritation to your skin post treatment.

What Happens During a Sugar Coated Wax Appointment? 

The sugaring esthetician will ensure the client is comfortable throughout the process. To start, get undressed and sit on the table. Communicate with the esthetician what areas are to be sugared. Next, the esthetician will apply a powder to protect the skin and make the hairs stand up. 

The sugaring paste is applied using a single ball of paste against the grain of hair growth. Then, the paste is lightly flicked in the opposite direction. Once complete, the esthetician will apply our Daily Dew spray to hydrate and soothe the treatment area. This application also helps prevent ingrown hairs. 

Sugaring, also known as sugar wax, offers clients a hair removal treatment that is all-natural and safe. Those looking for an alternative to traditional hair removal procedures should schedule an appointment to learn more about sugaring. The sooner the appointment is scheduled, the sooner clients can experience the many benefits of sugar coated waxing.

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